Five Stone Mentoring Leadership Group
Ashley Graves

The Five Stone Mentoring Leadership Group

Ashley Graves

The Five Stone Mentoring Leadership Group

A Leadership Community for Pregnancy Resource Center Leaders

About Me

After being the executive director for a pregnancy resource center (PRC), I began to see our industry losing some of the best leaders due to lack of training and support in their role. In 2019, I founded Five Stone Mentoring to step in to offer weekly mentoring for the leaders.These weekly sessions focus on specific goals through a course of study. At the same time, executive directors can discuss their specific needs. Five Stone Mentoring provides very personal and center-specific mentoring in hopes of seeing leaders stay in their roles longer.

The Five Stone Mentoring Leadership Group is an on-line community for PRC leaders to have a safe place to discuss, share and grow together.  We share each others joys, tears, successes and failures in hopes that fewer leaders feel isolated and alone.


Why You Should Join Me

If you are looking for a safe community of fellow PRC leaders, this is the place for you!  

This group will work together towards learning the basic skills of leadership as a PRC Director, so they feel equipped in their roles for longer tenures.  

Being an Executive Director can be very isolating and lonely.  This community will help in bringing together a group of individuals that can relate to that struggle.

We will be exploring such topics as God as the foundation for the center, your identity as the authority of the center, Board structures and relations, fundraising and much more!  If these topics are of interest to you, come join us!

What to Expect

Every week we will discuss a new topic to help in your leadership role.

Every 3 weeks a new Board training video will be posted.  This 5-10 minute video can be shared at your board meetings.

A community of fellow PRC Executive Directors from across the country to share ideas and support.

Join for just $24.99 a month with the first 30 days FREE!

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